We Book Qualified Sales Appointments for Digital Agencies

100% Done For You. 100% Performance-Based.

Our Mission

We help Digital Agencies get 3 to 5 new customers every month using an innovative approach to cold email.

Our Process

1. We warmup 12 to 14 email accounts

We buy 5-7 alternative domains and create 2 inboxes per domain and warm them up for 2 weeks.

2. We build very well segmented lead lists

The one thing we are the best at is scraping.We scrape Google Search results to build lists of companies running Google Ads or investing on SEO.Then we enrich those using several data sources (Linkedin, Apollo, etc...) to craft relevant and personalized emails.

3. We personalize your outreach using AI

We don't use mainstream icebreakers generators.We build custom workflows for each campaign to create icebreakers that are not only personalized but also relevant using that data we scraped from their blog / ads.

4. We write converting email sequences

We care about your agency's reputation so we make sure not to SPAM your prospects.1) Our emails are relevant, personalized and concise.
2) We send 2 follow-ups maximum.

5. We turn positive replies into meetings

We get a slack notification when a prospect replies to an email and we reply to him in less than 5 minutes.That way we maximize the chances of booking the sales call for you.

6. You just have to close the deals

We'll schedule the appointments directly in your agenda. The only thing you need to focus on is closing deals.

You Get Qualified Sales Appointments or You Don't Pay. What Are You Waiting For?

About Us

My name is Omar, I spent the 2 last years building B2B SaaS Startups in the fields of sales and prospecting.In the meantime I was freelancing as a B2B outbound growth and coach for several french companies in order to finance my startups.We launched 1211.agency just a few months ago and we are a team of 2 based in Paris, France 🇫🇷

Omar Cherkaoui

Founder @1211.agency

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